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New Year, New Me? No, Thanks

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January 1, 2019
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January 2, 2019

Like them or loathe them?

I loathe them. In my opinion, January is a tough month. Four long weeks of dark mornings and dark evenings. Not a twinkling light in sight. Green bins overflowing with empty roses boxes and wrapping paper. It’s like the whole country has a hangover.

I feel January should be about easing yourself gently into the new year. Baby steps. Going from eating half a box of roses a day to two or three roses should be considered a win. Try taking the Baileys out of your morning coffee for the first two weeks. Mentally prepare yourself to limit your lunchtime prosecco to weekends only in the second two weeks. Practice wearing clothes without sequins for a few days in a row. Before you know it, you will be weaned back to normal for another ten months.

But seriously, going cold turkey (pun intended) in January is never a good idea. If there was ever a month that you need some good comfort food and large glass of red, it’s January. The extra few pounds that we all seem to put on over Christmas will toddle off when you start to get back to routine. Juice cleanses are really not required. Even the words juice and cleanse makes me feel cold in January!

As always, January is time for the ‘new year, new me’ gym advertisements. Or better yet, the ‘skinny tea’ advertisements. I honestly believe if you start a new diet or fitness regime in January, you are setting yourself up to fail. Going from full on party mode to starvation/bootcamp like fitness mentality is bound to end in disaster. You will be miserable. You will grow to hate exercise.

Much better idea to wait until February. When the little lambs start to appear and the days get a bit longer, our moods lift a little. Springtime, now that’s the time to make a change.

Take my advice and be nice to yourself in January. Don’t punish yourself. Give your body and soul the comfort it needs to get through the year ahead.