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Nurses Played A Big Part in My Life

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Not only have the nurses and midwives had to strike but now the government is looking for ways to sanction them like docking their pay

All of this should have been avoided. They don’t want to have to leave their patients. They don’t want to cause disruption and cancellations. But they feel this is the only way that their voices are heard.

Thinking back on the last few years they have played such a big part in my life.

They were the ones who I turned to on my first pregnancy when I was bleeding. They carried out blood tests and explained it was too early for a scan. They rang me to confirm a miscarriage. And they said they were sorry, but if I got pregnant again to ring them for an early scan.

They were the ones that carried out all the tests for that early appointment on my second pregnancy and were delighted when everything went well. They looked after me during my pregnancy, both at the hospital appointments and GP appointments.

They were the ones that were there when my baby was in distress after induction and called the doctor immediately. They held my hand during the pre-section preparation and literally helped me to breathe through the panic.

They were the ones that saw I was exhausted that first night and took my baby away so I could get much needed rest. They helped me get up and helped me learn how to look after my new baby.

They were the ones that looked after me through my third and fourth pregnancies. They looked after me and my babies in the hospital stays post sections. They helped me breastfeed when I decided to try again on my third.

They were the ones that looked after my son, my second child, when we ended up in the paediatric ward a few times for bad tonsillitis. On one of those times they told the doctors that there was no need when they wanted to admit him. They managed to catch a bit of urine on a stick when he point blank refused to use the sample jar. And they gave him toys to bring home for being good.

They were the ones that looked after my youngest when at four weeks old she had to be admitted for pyloric stenosis. They also looked after me. They got me a pump when I couldn’t breastfeed. They got me a soother for the baby when I asked as she was crying and I couldn’t feed her for comfort. They kept ringing the hospitals in Dublin and succeeded in getting a bed for her when we had to transfer for an operation. In both hospitals they did checks on her around the clock. They wrapped her up in a blanket and carried her away to do the surgery and assured us that our tiny baby would be OK. They looked after her post surgery until we got discharged.

They were the ones that looked after my father in law during his long battle with cancer. They took care of him during his numerous hospital stays over the years. It was the nurses in the day ward he attended that my mother in law turned to when she was very worried during one of these stays. They got the doctor to ring her and she was reassured. They looked after him during his final hospital stay and were heartbroken when he passed away in May last year.

They were the ones that looked after my mother in law when she had to start attending the same day ward. They took care of her when she had to be admitted. And in October last year when she was admitted again she was looked after so well by the nurses in the intensive care unit. Then the amazing care was taken over by the nurses in the ward. She had a nearly three month stay altogether. They were delighted when she was doing well. They looked after her when she had to be admitted again last week for a few days.

Nurses are amazing. Isn’t it time that is recognised and they receive the pay they deserve? You never know when you’ll need them.

Eimear Lawler
Eimear Lawler
I’m a mammy to three children aged five and under. Life’s a little crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I work part time as an accountant and I stay at home the rest of the time with my children. Getting back into my hobbies of reading and writing and loving it.