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Nurses Supported Me Through The Toughest Years of My Life

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January 30, 2019
Time To Change The Narrative About Nurses
January 30, 2019

Today’s nurse strike should not be happening. Nurses should not have the heart-destroying job of leaving their vulnerable patients to be out in the cold to protest to our Government for them to prove their worth.

Nurses are the superglue which keeps our over-stretched health service together. In three years, across four different hospitals I have never had a bad experience with a nurse. They are quite simply the roses among the thorns. Nurses stood and supported me in the toughest three years of my life, yet I was never their patient!

From the time they helped me see the first breath of my third son to the last breath of my mother. In between those three years I witnessed  a first class nursing profession in action.

We must stand with our nurses because they stand with us at our most vulnerable times. A nurse never became a nurse for money or status, but I would have given them the world. They touched my life not for their medical knowledge which they are highly qualified, but they touched the shallows of the heart by through their humanity, for example when;

You receive your baby’s unexpected diagnosis. They remain with you until you fully understand your new found situation. They give you time they do not have.

When you hand over your baby for a five hour operation they take care of your precious bundle with as much love as if it were their own.

When you are standing in corridors waiting to talk to a doctor to find out what is going on with your mum who has laid in hospital for 100 days. They see you and take the time to get the answers for you.

When a doctor has earth shattering news to tell you. They find the quiet room for you to be told that someone you love is terminally ill. When the doctors leave they stay with you and literally dry your tears.

When they see you bringing your loved one to chemo they see your fear and attempts of being strong. They make the small talk and suddenly you are at ease.

When you land in A&E and their eyes softly say sorry and you know they are trying their hardest to get your loved one into a safe space. You see the relief on their faces when they find a safe haven for them.

When you witness the comfort that they bring your dying loved one and the natural care they have for them. These are not just people doing their job but they are angels.

When you see the joy and smiles when they return on duty and see their patient is still there.

When you need the honest truth because you do not know what to do. They give you their opinion.

When a bad day for them is losing a patient and yet they still have to get on.

When they have seen death 1000 times before but still they can not hold back the tears when your mother takes her last breath.

They cry tears because this is more than a job. They cry tears because they give their hearts to their patients and their families.

When you are under the care of a nurse and a family at their mercy you are wrapped in a blanket of compassion, empathy, kindness and affection. They are all of this while remaining a professional to the core. There is no price you would not pay to have them in your life at your most vulnerable times.

They are the reason our health services breaths and they are the ones who stand with us from our first breath to our last.

Orla Gibney-Freeman
Orla Gibney-Freeman
My name is Orla also affectionately known as Mummy to three little boys. I am married to Shane and together we have carried each other along a journey we had not packed for. The unexpected part of our journey began in November 2014. Our third baby boy, Eoghan, was born profoundly Deaf. He has brought us on Our Own Journey where he has inspired us to see, hear and feel life in an amazing new way. Eoghan inspired me to start a blog called Our Own Journey. It is a blog based on our journey in the hope that it will inspire other parents who are on their own journey.