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Why Operation Transformation May Actually Work This Year

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January is the month where we’re all absolutely flat broke.  We feel sluggish and lethargic, cold and tired and are suffering from serious post Christmas blues.  So is it really a good idea to embark on a new fitness and health regime with Operation Transformation 2019?

As far as I know, there has never been a better time to curl up by a roaring fire, snuggle down into cuddly warm pyjamas and fight the winter blues with disgusting amounts of therapeutic chocolate.

Well apparently not.  Apparently this is the best time to change yourself and your lifestyle.  I’m sure we are not the only family in the country to sit down every January to tune in to the new series of Operation Transformation.  We watch transfixed as five poor souls are paraded across our screens in various stages of undress and confess to the nation about their food issues and their emotional eating and their lack of daily exercise.

It has the desired effect there is no doubt.  I feel guilty about every biscuit I eat, every spoon of sugar I put in my coffee and my daily battle to choose fruit and vegetables over treats.  I can’t enjoy my time in front of the fire with a glass of wine anymore.  I feel I should be out pounding the streets instead.

I’m not ready to come out of hibernation yet, but the powers that be tell me it’s time.

My children on the other hand are embracing this in a much more positive fashion.  They see this as the kick they need to ditch the sugar and get back to the routine of healthy eating and daily exercise.  They make time every week to watch the programme on TV and then they browse the internet for fitness tips and recipes for their mother to make.  They are interested.  They are motivated and they are determined.  They are learning about healthy food choices and calorie intake.  They are learning about fuelling their bodies in the right way.  They’re learning how to take care of themselves and their future health.  And now they can be the teachers.

You see, because they are so into technology and interested in celebrities and sport stars, a programme like this can reach out and touch them and teach them in a way that I will never be able to.

Children and teenagers are so vulnerable to suggestion, especially from people they emulate and admire.  Since they were small I have been preaching healthy eating and fitness at them.  Thankfully they are great eaters and have always embraced fruit and vegetables as part of their daily diet.  But as they get older it is getting harder.  They no longer feel that they have to please me, so they won’t eat something just to keep me happy anymore.  So now they need to understand why I’ve been preaching at them for so long and how important that message is.  A programme like this is exactly what I need to reinforce that message.  And it does it in a fun way.

My three giggled last year over the army challenges and really enjoyed the personalities featured, and the struggles they faced.  Now they are eagerly looking forward to the mayhem and hilarity that this year brings.  Meanwhile they are paying attention to the food on their plates.  They are examining labels on products in the supermarkets and trying to understand what they all mean.  They shake their heads in disapproval of anyone they see with a cigarette in their mouths and they frown at me when I make yet another cup of coffee.

So this is all very well and I’m delighted at their interest in all things healthy.  However, it is like living in a goldfish bowl with the nutrition police looking over my shoulder wielding ugly batons.

Somebody said once that Christmas isn’t over until all the chocolate is gone and I know there is at least one box still hiding in the press.  So I’m going to stage a sit in and continue my hibernation with my chocolate until I’m good and ready for my own transformation.  They can carry on without me.   I’ll catch up by Easter, ready for another chocolate infusion.

Aideen Glynn
Aideen Glynn
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