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January 10, 2018

Picking Up Other People’s Crap, Literally

Laura Moran shares her hilarious ‘Poo Story’. The things we do! Today was your average day for the most part. The usual morning chaos of getting the […]
March 9, 2018

Why You Won’t Sleep After Giving Birth

‘Now, don’t let them kick you out of that hospital bed until you’re ready to go home.’ I remember a number of well-meaning female friends and […]
January 13, 2018
Leisure Time

Women Have Far Less Leisure Time Each Week Than Men

This will come as a surprise to no woman anywhere but women have far less leisure time than men each week. In fact according to the […]
January 12, 2018
Minister For Education

Minister For Education Fails To Rule Out Banning Mobile Phones In Schools

The Minister for Education has refused to rule out the possibility of banning mobile phones in Irish schools. A ban on mobile phones in both primary […]
January 12, 2018

Top 20 Things That Make Me the Meanest Mom EVER

Ways this week in which I’m ruining my childrens’ lives I won’t drop what I’m doing to sew my daughter a Halloween costume. In July. Also, […]
January 12, 2018

Hey, Shops…Stop Bombarding My Children With Free Sweets!

Why is it OK to give kids free sweets everywhere? First of all, there’s so much talk about childhood obesity, that even Mary from countryside should […]


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