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Do We Really Need Parent Teacher Meetings?

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October 27, 2018
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We’re already over two months into the school year. How did that happen?

By now most of us will have gone through or are preparing for the annual catch-up with our little darling’s teacher.

Whether you received a glowing report or a lukewarm ‘he’s trying his best’, you can’t help but wonder.

Are we just going through the motions? And do we really need parent teacher meetings?

Well, one school district in the US state of Colorado doesn’t seem to think so.

The Commerce-City based Adams 14 school district north of Denver has launched an online portal.

The aim is that the online system would replace the parent-teacher conference to free up more teaching time.

Parents and teachers expressed their frustration with the new Infinite Campus system.

In an interview with Chalkbeat for The Atlantic, the parents complained that the system is either confusing or incomplete.

Parents can use a computer or smartphone to access information such as weekly grades.

However, they say it’s no substitute for face-to-face meetings.

It’s great to see schools using technology to become more efficient.

But surely when it comes to checking in on our children’s progress a real meeting with their teacher is best.