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Seeing Things Through…Well, Kind Of…

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January 20, 2019
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January 20, 2019

I am a great one for making plans, joining a gym, starting a couch to 5km, learning to knit.  I love getting my teeth into something new.  I’ll throw myself into it, I’ll buy everything I need, the clothes, the equipment, I’ll make my plan and ensure I’m ready to go.

Then I’ll go full on, head first into my new project.  And in fairness I’ll stay going for quite a while, but then inevitably I’ll get distracted or I’ll be away for a few days and all of a sudden my interest will dissolve.

I’ve a wardrobe full of abandoned projects, from gym weights to knitting needles and random balls of wool, but doesn’t everyone?

It’s been this way for years, I rarely see things through.  Sometimes I’ll blame it on the fact that I’m a working mum, but deep down I know that’s a load of codswallop, I just don’t see things through.  The kids are asleep by 8 o’clock every evening so there is no reason not to use the few hours I have before bed to take on whatever project is invading my interest, I just end up giving up and making excuses.

But I really want this year to be different.  I have a goal in my head, well two goals actually.

One is a goal in relation to my health and body and the other is in relation to starting a new hobby, or rather re-starting an old one.  I’m rejoining my local GAA club to play with their Mothers and Others team, I also want to get my weight under control.  I don’t want to lose a major amount, just a couple of stone or so, but more so I want to get a hold on healthier eating.

I am approaching these goals a little differently to how I’ve done so in the past, I’m not putting a long-term plan in place.  I have decided to set smaller, short-term goals in the hope that they will be more achievable and with having to set new goals more often I won’t get bored and will stick with my plans.  The GAA will only require one night a week so that won’t be too hard to stick too, but I’ll definitely need to up my fitness to keep up with the team, so as part of my other goal, I am setting myself a goal of walking at lunch time whenever I’m in the office, so my fitbit will keep me on track for my 10K steps a day.

My eating will be the hardest part of this years goals, I am the kind of person who can stay on plan rigidly and drop weight really quickly then go for a few drinks and lose the run of myself for a month and put all the weight back on and then some.  But I am sick of my clothes being a little too tight and having to contour just a bit too much to try to hid my extra chin! But again I’ve set just small month-long goals of what I want to see on the scales and trying to not let the bigger number put me off my task.

Will I achieve my goals?  Who knows.  I am hoping that by putting pen to paper (or rather text to screen) that I will be more spurred on to continue my new projects.

You never know, maybe I’ll write another post in a few months telling you all about how well I’m doing.  Or maybe it’ll be a post about dropping out, AGAIN!!


Dee Rea
Dee Rea
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