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Real Review: Muru Muru Butter & Rose Sheet Mask from Love Beauty and Planet

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The results are in for our latest M Word Real Review Panel.

This time you’ve been busy putting the Muru Muru Butter and Rose Sheet Mask from Love Beauty and Planet the amazing new range of hair, skin, body and personal care products that combines feeling and looking good with doing good.

So did what did our intrepid reviewers make of the face masks?

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So without further ado, over to our reviewers


What our M Word Writers Had To Say –

Shirley Murray

‘I’m not someone who looks after their skin as well as I should and being in my mid 40s it really is about time I started.  What better way to start than with this beautiful face sheet mask.

Firstly the packaging on the mask is very pretty and the name gives a clue as to how natural it is.  The smell when I first opened it was really pleasant and not overpowering.

I’ve only ever tried one of these before and it was extremely wet and drippy which put me off a little so I was pleasantly surprised to find that this wasn’t like that at all.  The mask fit well onto my face and stayed on without rolling or slipping.  I actually forgot it was on at times.

When I removed it after 20 minutes and rubbed the excess moisture into my skin it felt really soft and smooth.  Quite a few hours later my skin still feels lovely with no lingering tightness or itch.

I would definitely recommend these masks, set yourself aside some time and relax while it pampers you without having to leave the house.’


Brona English 

‘When the opportunity arose to review a face mask I jumped at the chance. I’m a tired pregnant mama with 50 shades of dark circles under my eyes. The blooming radiant sheet mask had its work cut out!  I love a hot bath and would try to use different facemasks at least once a week. I have a good skincare routine most days but not exactly diligent with it or drinking enough water. Therefore, my skin tends to be dry in places. Recently, a beauty expert told me that most of the moisturiser you apply to your face will evaporate before it can reach all the layers of your skin. A sheet mask acts a barrier, locking in the moisture and allows the product to penetrate the skin.

The sheet masks are vegan and eco-friendly. The biodegradable sheets are soaked in organic murumuru butter and rose oil. The murumuru butter sourced in from the Amazonian murumuru palm tree nuts which nourish, soften and protect skin against dryness.

I used a mask on a number of occasions to form an honest opinion. I was interrupted once by a feverish two-year-old, so I folded the mask up and put it back in the packet. To my surprise two days later the mask was still moist which enabled me to reuse. Each mask was applied after a shower to clean skin. I relaxed for twenty minutes, inhaling the lovely rose scent enabling the mask to work its wonders. I’m not claiming the mask transformed me into a radiant beauty blogger, nor am I able to comment on how many shades my eye circles have reduced!

However, after each mask application my skin felt soft and moisturised. I have seen a reduction in the dry patches on my face. I would highly recommend the sheet masks and can’t wait to try the other two masks in their range; hydration infusion and rapid detox!  These masks normally retail at €6.49 in boots but are currently on special offer for €4.33. I will be heading to Boots to stock up!’


Fionnaigh Connaughton 

‘Love Beauty and Planet is a company that has created a new range of hair, skin and beauty products that is said it ‘combine looking good with doing good.’  I was very excited about trying their new range of face masks claiming to be made from muru muru butter and rose. Even if you are not quite sure what exactly that is – it sounds great, right? All bound for muru muru land you might think to yourself?

A friend of mind quipped that a vegan face mask is probably better than rubbing animal fat all over your face! And to be honest, I agreed with this.

I tried it for a few days. I expected it to be a liquid mask and was surprised by the cloth mask with holes.  It was a bit fiddly to use and each one did not seem symmetrical or the same size at all. I looked a bit too Halloween fright and, a bit like the guy from Irish satirical band The Rubber Bandits! I hope the results would be worth the temporary embarrassment – even if the embarrassment was only to me!

The first day of trying, I had a busier day than anticipated so couldn’t fully enjoy the idea of being relaxed. After the first try, I took it off and was called outside with the children. The first shot of cold air against my face felt wonderful! I felt younger, fresher! And my skin seemed plump and hydrated which was great! Yet I must admit that the next day it left me with a greasy feeling. Very greasy indeed.  I don’t have sensitive skin and, I referred again to the packaging to see if I was meant to cleanse or something afterwards but there were no instructions.  Perhaps I should have splashed warm water on my face, who knows?

I was not overly enamoured by this product.  I thought the vegan angle and the ‘loving the planet’ branding seemed to override any of the beauty and pampering qualities. That said, I am very interested in seeing what other products they have to offer in this range though.’



What Our M Word Readers Had To Say –

Sarah Cooney

‘I was delighted to try this face mask. Since I turned the big 40 last year my skin has become drier and I’ve even started getting eczema for the first time! So I’ve been looking for products that won’t irritate my skin

The packaging is lovely, easy to open, and with easy to read, simple instructions on the back.  I did find the mask more delicate than others I’ve tried, and was very nervous I would tear it as I opened it up. It had a kind of gel like texture when opened that I was surprised by; I didn’t expect it to be so wet!  It was cold to put on, but then felt nice. It stayed on well, the scent was nice but not overpowering. After 20 minutes it was easy to take off there was some residue left to massage into my face.

My skin feels soft and not irritated at all. I will definitely use these again, as long as I can hide them from my 15 year old daughter!’


Aisling Caren

‘As a person who loves a good face mask but never really knows what direction to go in with so many to choose from, this vegan, biodegradable one, really seemed to tick a tonne of boxes.

Being someone who is aware of the environment and tries to do as much as I can to recycle, reuse or buy sustainably, this could be the perfect product for me.

Myself and my friends were having a sleepover, the night the product arrived, so these were ideal presents to bring them. The first thing we noticed was the mask was difficult to open up before applying to the face, without the fear of ripping it.

The product on the mask itself was so nice on the skin, exceptionally soft and soothing with a lovely rose smell.

After about two minutes, though, the mask itself was sliding down my face, and the part between the nose and lip was hanging off. It kind of looked like our faces were melting!

After removing the product, however my skin felt refreshed, vitalised, re-hydrated and so, so smooth.

With it being vegan, biodegradable and good for the planet, along with healthier, hydrated skin, I would definitely buy the product again. Just wouldn’t let anyone see me wearing it!.

Niamh O'Reilly
Niamh O'Reilly
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