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Real Review: Ralph Breaks The Internet Is Full Of Genuine Laughs

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November 30, 2018
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November 30, 2018

A sequel to 2012’s Wreck it Ralph, Ralph and Vanellope return with a host of characters from Litwak’s Arcade games in Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Growing tired of the same old routine of her Sugar Rush game, Vanellope yearns for something new and exciting.  Ralph doesn’t understand this, as he loves knowing every day and every game will be the same, but when he tries to make things better for Vanellope, he only makes matters worse.

When the installation of Wifi in the arcade coincides with Sugar Rush needing a replacement part, Ralph and Vanellope jump on the opportunity to enter the vast world of the Internet in search of eBay to find the part that will prevent Vanellope from being retired from the arcade.

While in the Internet, Ralph and Vanellope soon learn it’s not a game – they need to earn money to pay for the part they need, and go to great lengths to do so, but along the way, Vanellope finds something else she’s been seeking – new adventures and a chance to follow her heart.

Ralph, however, doesn’t understand Vanellope’s new dream and tries to prevent her from staying in the Internet, but in doing so he…well, breaks the Internet…

Such a heart-warming movie that both adults and children will love with lots of clever and perfectly executed portrayals of well known websites and explanations of how the internet (both the good and bad sides) works, and tributes to and cameos from so many beloved Disney movies and characters (you will geek out and possibly tear up – I did!!).  Not to mention being full of genuine laughs and amazing animation.

Ultimately though, it is about friendship and realising that as we get older, it’s normal to grow apart and that it’s okay to have different dreams and want different things – that doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends, because we’ll always have a piece of each other’s hearts.

Due out in Irish cinemas this Friday 30th November, this is one for Disney fans of all ages! 9/10

Caitríona McKenna
Caitríona McKenna
Caitríona McKenna is a 28 year old Dublin native, Journalism dabbler, grammar nazi and self-confessed bookworm, TV addict and movie buff (particularly horror!). Currently working in Brown Bag Films as a Studio Assistant, Caitríona likes to keep busy (too many ambitions, too little time!) but writing will always have a special place in her heart! But above all her favourite thing is chill time with family and loved ones