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Real Review: Santa’s Journey Roundwood

May The Force Be With You, Theresa.
November 26, 2018
How Do You Know When You Know?!
November 27, 2018

We are just home from meeting Santa Claus at ‘Santa’s Journey’ in the beautiful surrounding of Djouce Golf Club, Roundwood. Myself, my hubby, our seven year old son, five year old son and two year old daughter all had a blast.

We arrived at bit early and were welcomed at Gingerbread Junction by a lovely upbeat elf. She challenged the boys to the Cheer-O-Meter, which they excelled in! The poor elf, god bless her ears!

We embarked Santa’s North Pole Express train and at three o’clock on the dot, set off through the ‘Enchanted Winter Wonderland’ aka Djouce golf course. The scenery was amazing. I think if the two year old wasn’t with us and we could have booked a later slot, it would have been twice as magical with the fairy lights twinkling in the dark. I love an auld twinkling fairy light!

After a rousing rendition of ‘Jingle Bells’ we were told to look out for the reindeer on our right hand side. Unfortunately, they seemed to be hiding from us (can’t be blamed, most people hide from my singing…). After a loving meander through candy cane lane a bit of leprechaun spotting, we arrived at Mrs. Claus Cabin.

We were met by another lovely elf and invited in to meet Mrs. Claus! Mrs. Claus waved from the window and welcomed us inside her cosy kitchen. She told us that Santa Claus has porridge for breakfast every day. She also implored us not to leave more than one cookie out for Santa on Christmas Eve, because she doesn’t want his stomach to end up like a bowl full of jelly! Well, the boys fell about the place laughing at this!

Then we even got a sneaky look into Santa’s bedroom. The elf asked the kids to help her pack for Santa, which was a bit hit.
Next we were invited out to Santa’s Winter Workshop! The excitement! We were treated to a great interactive show and helped the hilarious elf Frosty pass her toy maker exam!

All at once, it was time to meet the big man. We were ushered through a secret passage to his cosy grotto. He welcomed us in and put the kids at ease instantly. My two year old was completely mesmerised. I have to say, I was so impressed with Santa, he was obviously the real deal. In fact, my seven year old (cheeky pup) asked was he the real Santa or a helper Santa. He nailed it by asking my son to pull his beard. Real? 100%

We posed for a picture and off we went, the kids delighted with their presents. Last stop, Elves Village. We met Rusty the Elf, who is in charge of the reindeer. She let the kids fill the reindeer food bowls and generally let them run amok in her house! Rusty’s neighbours, Cookie and Bakie were our next visit. Again, the elves had loads of time for the kids and let them have fun.

Our final stop was with Postie the elf at the Polar Post Office. She had no problem letting the kids (even the two year old) stamp some letters and post them in the post box. Then she kindly offered to take a family picture, which we really appreciated.

The experience took about 45 minutes to complete. Our train was quiet so it would maybe take a bit more time for a full train. We didn’t feel rushed at all through the whole experience, and it was a pleasure to see that all the staff were so jolly and upbeat.

We finished our day with hot chocolates and mochas for all. Such a lovely way to welcome the Christmas of 2018.