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Real Review: Spotlight Teeth Whitening

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January 13, 2019
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The results are in for our latest M Word Real Review Panel.

This time you’ve been busy putting the amazing Spotlight Whitening to the test, with a box of their must-have Teeth Whitening Strips, Toothpaste and Pen.

So did our participants end up with sparkling gnashers for the New Year?

Before we find out what they thought, don’t forget that you can enter our giveaway to get your hands on five sets of the Spotlight Whitening Goodies with our ‘WIN THE PANEL competition! Simply head over to our Facebook Page to enter.

So without further ado, over to our reviewers…


What our M Word Writers Had To Say –

Jenny Sherlock – 

‘As a self-confessed tea and chocolate addict, I have noticed a lot of yellowing on my teeth in recent years. I have tried a few whitening brands in the past which have not been very effective so I was a little sceptical about the Spotlight products but I have been pleasantly surprised.

I have been using the toothpaste, whitening strips and the whitening pen for just over a week and I can already see a noticeable improvement in the colour of my teeth.

The main positives are:

  1. The toothpaste is very fresh; doesn’t have the usual chemical aftertaste so easily substituted for your normal paste.
  2. The whitening pen is portable and quick to use meaning it’s a good option for the handbag!
  3. The whitening strips are easy to use and give the best results I’ve seen.

I will continue to use Spotlight products going forward.’


Stephaine Love

‘I don’t get to do much online shopping for myself so getting a package in the post just for me was a great start.  The Spotlight Teeth Whitening items are beautifully packaged.  I know that may not be the most important thing but it highlighted the quality of the products for me and gave me confidence.  It was brilliant to see that they are an Irish company based in Galway as well.  The products I received were the Spotlight White Paste, Spotlight Teeth White Pen and the Teeth White Strips.  I had 14 days to try these three products.

The Teeth White Paste was simple.  Use it instead of your regular toothpaste twice a day.  Its minty and no different from what I could tell in terms of texture or taste to any other toothpaste.  That is a big plus for me as I have tried others before but the colour or taste has been a deterrent to keep using it.   My teeth felt clean and smooth after using this.   I will absolutely continue to use this toothpaste.

I also used the Teeth White Pen once or twice a day.  The process was really simple, click the pen-paint it on- rinse mouth after five minutes.  This was probably my favourite of the three products as it was quick and simple to use.  I could use it while I was herding the kids out the door or while cooking the Christmas dinner!  The pen itself was also small and sliver, a bit like a concealer pen so it didn’t stand out in my handbag.  I loved this pen!

The White Strips came in handy one use packs.  They recommend that you use these daily for 14 days.  The procedure is straight forward, you dry off your teeth and apply a strip to the top and bottom of your teeth.  They stay on for one hour.  While I felt these were probably the most effective part of the set I did find them a bit hard to get used to.  An hour sounds like it would be easy to do every day but I did struggle to get the time to do this, as once they were on my teeth I couldn’t really talk to anyone!  I didn’t enjoy the feel of them in my mouth but it is something I would use again as it is only for two weeks.

It came with a very handy colour card to use to gauge how successful the products were.  It is difficult to tell from the photos but I was really happy with the results.  I felt my teeth whitened about 2 or 3 shades.  I am also concerned when using whitening products that they might make my teeth more sensitive but I’ve had no issues at all with the Spotlight products. Thanks so much to the M Word and Spotlight for letting me try these fab products.’


Roisin Burke 

‘Products were beautifully presented. Make for a lovely gift, after all who doesn’t want brighter, whiter teeth?

I started off using the toothpaste; I was a bit concerned as I usually use Sensodyne but I haven’t noticed any increase in tooth sensitivity since I switched to the whitening toothpaste. The tooth paste was minty fresh and I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in the overall whiteness of my teeth.

I also tried the Spotlight Teeth White Pen, I found this really convenient as it’s quite compact and can be thrown into a handbag. The first time I used it I hadn’t a clue what to expect, the instructions were to twist the base of the pen 20 times… I felt 20 times was slightly excessive, could the product not have been designed to require less pernickety quirks?! Lol!

My husband took a liking to the Whitening Strips. His feedback has been extremely positive. Initially he found the strips awkward, although I’d imagine that’s just because he’s never used teeth whitening products before. As a major coffee drinker I was curious to see the results. Although my other half has not used them for the recommended time of two weeks, he has seen a significant improvement in the time he has been using them.

In terms of costing the toothpaste is pricier than my normal brand coming in at €9.50, however given its efficiency I would definitely recommend it. I felt the pen and the whitening strips were reasonably priced (€14.99 and €39.95 respectively) as you only use these for a limited time and when you compare it with a trip to the dentist it’s extremely inexpensive!’


What Our M Word Readers Had To Say –

Cathy Tallon 

‘I was delighted to get the opportunity to review the Spotlight Teeth Whitening products for the M Word. I’ve never been happy with my teeth they need a bit of work, they’re not very straight and definitely need help in the colour department so, I was eager to get started!

The products are intended for 14 day use and I was asked to review after seven days. I think they are relatively affordable, the toothpaste is €9.50, the whitening pen is €14.99 and the express strips are a little dearer at €39.99. However, there is nothing to say the products need to be used together to achieve pearly whites.

The packaging is really nice and comes with a very handy card which gives you step by step directions using images which is great.

The toothpaste comes in a large tube, it’s a little salty tasting at first and doesn’t foam when brushing but there is an intense mint taste which leaves your mouth feeling really fresh! I brushed in the morning and again at night for seven days.

The next step was the Whitening Pen which is really simple to use, twist until gel appears then simply paint it onto your teeth, wait five minutes and rinse with water. A nice minty flavour from the gel as well. The pen could easily be used on the go, as long as you had access to a sink.

I used the Teeth Whitening Strips in the evening, they take an hour and again were simple to use just dry teeth and apply. They were quite sticky when applied so they didn’t come loose in my mouth when speaking. Obviously you wouldn’t eat with them in which is a bonus – no snacking! After they are removed you are instructed to brush your teeth, leaving a fresh taste.

I can definitely see a difference in my teeth within the week, my smile is brighter and there is a lot less plaque built up between my teeth which also adds to overall whiter looking teeth. I’m really pleased and will continue to use the Spotlight products.’



Siobhan Welby

‘First, I loved the packaging. I really felt like I was treating myself. I only had a week to test as it was late in the Christmas post. I didn’t like the taste of the strips all that much and struggled with that. If it could have more of a Mint taste would have been great.

I started off at an eleven on the tooth colour chart. I am a smoker and avid coffee drinker, but even after the first treatment I could see the difference. The Toothpaste was great and the five minute pen. So now after all that Ii am a 6/7 on the chart.’


Niamh O'Reilly
Niamh O'Reilly
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