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Share A Story And You Could Win €100

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May 31, 2018
What It Means To Have A Vasectomy…
June 1, 2018

‘Everyone has a story to tell. Especially you.

Some of us tell just our friends, our family. Some of us take to social media. And some of us wish we could just write it all down, and get it out there.
Well, now you can. You don’t need to be a pro-blogger, you don’t need to be a critically-acclaimed writer, you can just share it on The M Word with thousands of likeminded women and mums.
We’ve featured more than a thousands stories from dozens and dozens of women. Some have left us weeping with laughter, some have left us with tears for more profound reasons.
What has united our contributors and our readers is that the stories we share are funny, honest – and above all, real.
So join us and complete the form below.
All stories are entered into a monthly prize draw with a current top prize of €100.

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