So We Checked Out The Therapie Aesthetic Clinic

Real Review: So We Checked Out The Therapie Aesthetic Clinic

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Last Wednesday 17th October I attended the opening of Therapie Aesthetic Clinic – a new store dedicated solely to injectables, like Botox, fillers, skincare treatments and products.  Although Therapie have quite a few branches already in Dublin and Ireland (as well as the UK), this store, located in South William Street is dedicated purely to injectables and skin treatments, it does not provide services that the other stores do, such as hair removal, etc.

It is in good company as the location is awash with similar shops that promote beauty. So, on a beautiful autumnal evening, as the leaves swirled along a busy South William Street, I did not know what to expect. There was Prosecco and canapes promised – had to be a perfect evening, right?

Firstly, I noticed that the store holds an impressive array of beauty products from the Environ range. The staff were excellently attentive – answering every possible question and being as genial as they could be.  Overall, the environment appeared quite clinical, but in a good way – this seems a more serious visit than popping to your beautician during your lunch break for a quick Botox injection.  It is employs qualified doctors – yes actual doctors – to administer the injections and to give the customer a thorough analysis of the skin. They know their business.

The skin therapists there, serve to build up a close customer relationship. Their ethos is one of education and customer relationship.  The staff I spoke to used the word ‘educate’ on more than one occasion, and I like this. It was about informing the customer on what treatments would suit you best and it prevented a situation where a potential customer may arrive in telling them that their partner had an issue with their wrinkles!

Many people – it was said to me on that evening – may arrive in with magazine cuttings and want the chin or the perfectly lined face of say, Khloe Kardashian or some other celeb, yet in the consultation, they would discuss what would best suit the cartography of your own face.  I liked this. It seemed to personalise the treatments and had a rhyme and reason to whatever treatment specifically enhanced your face.

On my jaunt, I was very brave! I had to subject myself to a kind of camera analysis – open to all potential customers – using a Vectra 3D camera.

They took a photo of my face from three different angles – from the centre and both sides – and then cleverly meshed the three images to create a 3D simulation of my face. This allowed them to move my face around on the screen to show a profile, from a lying down angle, and allowed them to tweak the aesthetics – a tweak here, a filler there! It was strange to see what I would be like with fillers, etc – especially with an audience of three or four others looking at my 3D self!

17th October 2018, Launch night at Therapie Clinic Dublin, South William Street Dublin.

On the evening, was hosted a Q and A with one of the doctors who managed to debunk a lot of myths around Botox – one being that people in their 20s get it to stop ageing – and apparently this is not true at all. I asked (for The M Word) about treatments for new mums and apparently they ask if a new mum has had one menstrual cycle before coming along as hormonally you need to settle down. They can do things like help pregnancy skin pigmentation or sketch marks.  Breastfeeding is a no-no when it comes to getting treatments though.

17th October 2018, Launch night at Therapie Clinic Dublin, South William Street Dublin.

Botox has evolved since the day of the ‘frozen’ look, although I found out that you can still ask for the frozen look if you want! You can get injectables on the upper face usually, or fillers on the face but not on the eyes. Botox was originally used on weak bladders to stop them leaking, so to speak. Charming.  I don’t know many people who have ever received Botox and one staff member who recently joined from a UK store said it is still pretty taboo in Ireland.

I was surprised that many men now get Botox. Even guys in their 20s! Apparently about 10 per cent are over 60/65, the majority are over 40 but the age range is getting younger. I got the impression that the pre and post care is very good in Therapie. I was very surprised to learn that is it not just professionals who get it done but also people who are students, social welfare recipients who save up. Who knew?

It is all quite pricey – better ask a friend or potential Xmas present buyer to cough up the goods! It would set you back €140 for an injection in one area. And the fillers almost double, but it is money well spent as most people seem to get treatments every 18 months of so depending on your wrinkly-ness of course. They do provide corporate discounts say, for party season coming up.

I have to say, it left me thinking two things. Firstly, what is beauty anyway? Does it take away your true character, those lines and quirks that make you, you? Secondly, having had a chat and consultation, does it create a need you didn’t know was there and since the technology and treatments have evolved, you could still look like you only better.

If I was going to get a treatment I would probably to go to Therapie as it seems very safe, clinical and above board.

I left with a wonderful goodie bag of gorgeous Environ cleaners, collagen capsules and a voucher. I think I would probably spend it on more of these rather an injections. But that’s just me. It didn’t change my mind. I still believe beauty is probably genetic, lifestyle and exercise. Or something in between.

Or more specifically, I believe beauty is charm and your individual spark. And it is hard to find an injection for that.

Thérapie Aesthetic Clinic is located at 60A South William Street, Dublin 2.

Fionnaigh O'Connor
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