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Sorry Folks, The Game Is Cancelled This Morning

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April 10, 2019
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April 11, 2019

‘Sorry folks, the game is cancelled this morning’.

It is without doubt the holy grail of whatsapp messages. Picture the scene –a rainy Sunday morning where the whole family are still in pajamas, shuddering at the thought of standing pitch side at the park. One phone beeps with the message that the seven year old’s game is cancelled. Please God let the six year old’s academy also be cancelled, I silently plea. The toddler comes with me so academy is my ‘job’. I am watching the whatsapp group like a stalker. Another parent can’t bear the suspense and the question pops up ‘anyone know if academy is on?’ I sense about twenty parents staring at the phone waiting for a response. The italic ‘someone is typing’ appears. The anticipation!

‘Academy off today, see you next week’. Oh the relief! The gear bag is flung unceremoniously under the stairs. Back in your press horrid raincoat, thank you very much.

My second cup of coffee tastes like heaven. I’m making pancakes, I declare to my delighted kids. I turn up the radio and think about all the lovely things we can do on a rainy Sunday. Maybe we could all cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie? Or we could indulge in arts and crafts? OK, so I got a bit delusional with the excitement, the arts and crafts were never going to happen!

Three cups of coffee later, the pancakes are devoured and the house is like a cesspit. The kids are hyper from too much Nutella and all the toys in the world seem to be covering my floor. The kids, however, are fighting over some McDonalds plastic tat.

‘Why do they cancel sports when it rains, I mean, we live in Ireland?’, I huff and puff to my partner. ‘It’s not like the kids are going to melt’. How quickly the tables turn!

We need to get out of the house. Raingear on, everyone is dragged for a wet walk around the park. The toddler is in her element. The boys eventually get into it. I’m just happy to be out of the house. We return home damp and tired and flop on the couch. Finally, after a good blast of fresh air, we can enjoy a movie together.

Be careful what you wish for parent people, you might just get it!