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Tesco’s Got It Wrapped Up For Christmas – And It’s Too Early

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October 5, 2017
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Really Tesco? It’s not even Halloween yet and already the supermarket chain is putting its Christmas stock out on the shelves.

And when we say putting, Christmas chocolates, biscuits and other festive goodies have been out for weeks now, and it’s just too much.

Customers took to Twitter to vent their outrage at this unseasonal move.

And some tweeters were peeved; like @roisin_dubh


Yes, Holly what about Halloween?


Over in the UK, Tesco are selling their Christmas Potato Shapes.

xmas potato shapes


Apparently Tesco wasn’t the only offender, with the other supermarkets at it too.

Dunnes Stores, we’re looking at you!



Bill spotted these Merry McVities in August, that is before the end of the summer holidays.

Ah here. Give us a chance to get over the back to school madness before launching straight into the Christmas insanity.

*Looks for seasonal cocktail mix.