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Real Review: Does Avène Refreshing Eye Contour Care Work?

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We asked YOU are amazing M Word readers to get involved in our Real Review Panel, which sees us put the latest anything and everything to the test with honest and fair reviews. No bullshit, no spiel, just real mums telling it like it is.
This month we asked you to put leading French skincare brand Avène’s Refreshing Eye Contour Care to the test!

According to the brand; the Refreshing Eye Contour Care RRP €20 leaves the eye contour radiant, luminous and energised. Aside from the three primary active ingredients –Pre-tocopheryl, Refinyl and Avène Thermal Spring Water, it also contains Dextran Sulphate to decongest and reduce puffiness and dark circle around the eye area. In tests, the product was also noted to have visible results after 21 days.

Let’s find out what our panel thought!

What Our M Word Readers Had To Say –

Imelda Walsh

On first use, the applicator is very easy to use, I just dabbed it on and massaged the eye area with the smooth applicator (I think it would be lovely even to use the applicator from the fridge to massage the eye area in general). The cream is so lightweight and felt as though my skin absorbed it straight away – no sticky feeling which is a real bonus. After the first use, it did leave my skin look dewy around the eye area which I was not expecting after one application, it definitely hydrated the eye area straight away.

I used it morning and night for nearly four days and each time I must admit that I do think my eye area looks smoother and more radiant. I would normally be quite dry around the eye area, this eye cream is really hydrating which means my wrinkles aren’t as noticeable in my opinion. It’s a really lovely product and with the applicator you take those extra few minutes to massage in the cream which feels like a real treat! I am going to continue to use this as I’m very happy with how it is working so far!


Mary Filan

I was delighted to be given the opportunity to review the latest eye contour cream from Avène’s new Radiance Range. As a very tired mum of two, anything that promises to rejuvenate and refresh tired and puffy eyes sounds like a winner.
When it comes to any kind of beauty routine I’ve always been a face wash and moisturiser kind of girl. It’s only recently with noticing the obvious signs of ageing (caused in part I’m sure by having two small kids) that I’ve started experimenting with various serums and oils. However, I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I’ve never used an eye cream.

I’m a bit cynical when it comes to grandiose claims from beauty companies of creams that help reduce dark circles and puffiness and give a more rested complexion. However in this case it rings true. The Avène Refreshing Eye Contour cream does exactly that.

My six month old Miles is a bit of a party animal at night time so I regularly wake up with very tired looking eyes. After only using the eye cream for a few days I definitely noticed that my eyes were brighter, less tired and refreshed.
The cream is scentless and has quite a nice consistency. You only need to use a small amount when applying it so the tube should last for several weeks.

So would I go out myself and buy it? Yes I would. Its €20 for 15ml so not exactly cheap, but anything that helps a tired mama look a little more human and a little less like an extra from The Walking Dead is a winner in my book.



What our M Word Writers Had To Say –

Lisa Nolan –

It goes without saying that our busy lives take their toll on our skin. These days (like many people) I am definitely paying more attention to my skin and how I look after it. After all, as they say – prevention is better than the cure, right!? I am a self-confessed skincare addict, I love trying new products and I am a marketers dream, often being drawn in by nice packaging or celebrity endorsers.

So, when I was asked to try the Avène refreshing eye contour care I was delighted, skin care for my tired eyes – my absolute favourite. As the instructions stated I used the product morning and night on the eye area and almost instantly after application there was a cooling sensation which was quite pleasant – it gave the impression something was actually happening and definitely made my eyes feel less puffy. The cream absorbed really well and didn’t leave any greasy residue.

One big thing for me with a cream that is used in the morning is: how does it deal with make up being applied over the top. With this cream, unlike others I found that make up went on quite well over the top and I got the same life out of my make up for the day, it didn’t slide off with the cream. All in all I would say this is a good eye cream and I did feel that my eyes looked a bit less tired after a few days – well worth the price point of €20.


Maria Rushe –

I’ve been on the hunt for a new eye cream, so when the opportunity to test this one came up, I grabbed it. I’m a fan of Avène products anyway and was not disappointed. Now, granted after a short time using it, my ‘laughter lines’ are still as deep as ever, but I don’t think there’s any cream in the legal world which would change them anyway! (And sure, they’re mine and I’ve laughed hard for them, haven’t I?!)

The cream is lovely. I particularly loved the container. It’s a tube with a grooved applicator at the end, so you literally squeeze the product onto the under-eye area and massage it in with the tube end. Very handy, mess free and wastage free. The cream itself is lightweight but very moist, leaving eyes feeling refreshed in the morning and moisturized at bedtime.

It smells nice and while I have yet to see any long term effects, it’s one that I will definitely continue using. And it’s not overly expensive either.

Thumbs up from Mammy!


Deborah Ní Ghibne

When I was asked to review Avène’s eye contour cream I was thrilled for two reasons. Firstly I was getting a product for free, which as far as I can tell has absolutely no downside. Secondly, and more importantly, it was eye contour cream. I mean hello!! I am a mother of five children who has been on this planet for over four decades and has endured her fair share of late nights and early starts. Hence the bags under my eyes would need to be checked in on a Ryanair flight – being too big to pass for carryon luggage.

Ideally, for definitive results, the product should be used for 21 days. So with seven days to test and review I didn’t expect major results. I was mistaken.

From day one I could feel the difference. The cream is smooth and easy to apply and the first thing I noticed was that, even after hours had passed I still felt like I had just applied it. You know how soft your skin feels when you have just put on your moisturiser? Well that’s how my eye area felt for the entire day. The area also felt fresh – if that makes sense? When I’m tired I feel it in my eyes, but also around my eyes (Mammies will know what I’m talking about). Using this cream, for me, was akin to using eye drops on my eyes. That kind of refreshing.

The fact that two of the main ingredients are thermal spring water and red fruit extracts are also a major win for me. I’m picky about what I put on my skin and use a lot of natural, organic products. I try to avoid products that are filled to the brim with chemicals that I have never heard of and cannot even attempt to pronounce. This cream sits nicely in the middle of the spectrum – veering, I believe, more towards the natural end.

The results may not be visible to you in the picture, but take it from me – the change is astounding. If you had seen me seven days ago you would have ran screaming from your computer and hidden under the kitchen table, hoping someone would call in and shut said computer down.

So I’m giving Avène’s eye contour cream a strong thumbs up – and look forward to using it from now on – which I presume will result in me being asked for ID the next time I try to buy an alcoholic beverage in a drinking establishment. Hey! No laughing – a girl’s entitled to a fantasy.

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