The Treatment Of Nurses Makes My Blood Boil

The Treatment Of Nurses Makes My Blood Boil

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My blood is boiling at present, our nurses and midwives are picketing outside our hospitals and it is an absolute disgrace that they have to! Let me be absolutely clear, our nurses deserve more, they deserve to be paid far more than they are!

Let’s face it, we couldn’t pay them what they are worth, they are priceless!

I have had innumerable dealings with healthcare professionals and I have to say, the nurses are the backbone of it all, these are the people who helped me bring my sons into the world, the people that helped me breastfeed, who held my newborn son while I went to the corridor to ring my husband and confirm that baby and I were headed to Dublin in an ambulance as he needed surgery for pyloric stenosis at seven weeks.

Nurses are the people who held my son in their arms as he was prepped for surgery like he was their own, they treated him with the same love and compassion.

They are also the people who looked after my ninety one year old grandmother as she had a pacemaker fitted recently. They treated her with such care and respect and made her feel at ease and at home at a time when she was at her most vulnerable. They were wonderful.

They are also the people crying when they lose a patient, whose eyes glisten with tears when they hand you your beautiful brand new baby. They hold the hands of the elderly, the terminally ill and then they go home to their own families.

Some go home and they have no idea how they will pay the mortgage this month. They are struggling to keep their families afloat financially and I for one am disgusted how little our government seem to value them.

I have one thing to say to our Taoiseach, spend a day with a nurse in one of our overcrowded, overworked hospitals. Be a witness to the work they do, not just medically but personally and then at the end of the day, when you think you cannot take anymore, do it again!

I can guarantee you will have a new respect for the world they live in and the struggles they face and maybe, just maybe you’ll pay them what they deserve!!

Samantha O'Donovan
Samantha O'Donovan
I’m Samantha O’Donovan, stay at home mum to three amazing, energy filled boys aged 7, 4 and almost 3. Wife to a fab husband who feeds me while putting up with endless chaos, mood swings and general lunacy...and that’s just from the kids!