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Tried & Tested: Mama Moments Subscription Box

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A couple of weeks ago, we asked YOU our fabulous M Word readers to get involved in our brand new Real Reviews series, which sees us put lots of fab stuff to the test, with honest and fair reviews. No bullshit, no spiel, just real reviews.

You got in touch in your droves and we chose two lucky readers to join three M Word writers to make up our inaugural panel.

First on our radar was the Irish-owned Mama Moments Subscription Box. A bi-monthly self-care subscription box, Mama Moments is delivered to your door and filled with a gorgeous selection of wellness and self-care goodies for stressed out mamas who could do with some TLC. You can choose a bi-monthly subscription for €39.95 or a once off box for a gift for €44.95

So without further ado, let’s find out what our panel thought?


What Our M Word Readers Had To Say –

Sarah Kenny

‘I was so delighted to receive my Mama Moments box, I could have kissed the postman, had it not been for the big ugly cold sore I was sporting – a sign of being beyond tired and in need of a little ‘me time’.

The Mama Moments box was beautifully packaged and offered a lovely selection of products, all of which had a feel of being natural and restorative. I had expected just beauty products, so it was a pleasant surprise to be treated to such a diverse range of scrumptious things to try – All I was missing was a baby-sitter!

Mind, body and soul were all catered for with a pretty note book/gratitude journal, heavenly scented body oil, soothing peppermint delight tea, and that age old natural remedy…chocolate! This would be a delightful gift for any mama to receive, as a bi-monthly reminder to indulge in a little rest & relaxation. I loved it’


Antoinette Geoghegan Connolly

‘The mission of Mama Moments is to remind mothers that they cannot pour from an open cup! I love this idea!  Mothers always seem to put themselves way down the list of priorities! There is always something or someone more important than tending to our own needs!

I had a pep in my step returning from work after a long 12 hour shift on my feet when I knew my Mama Moments box was waiting for me at home! When my teenage daughter wasn’t particularly interested in  ‘borrowing’ any of the contents, I knew this box was definitely designed for me!

No fancy highlighting contour palates or lotion and potions that promise to make me look 20 years younger if I could just remember to apply it twice a day, for ten days at exactly the same moment each time!

This subscription box is designed for busy mothers of all types! If you are the creams and lotions lover, there is something for you. If you are a chocolate loving, tea drinking woman… yep, you too. And finally, if you’re like me, and love a little notebook, or badge… well hold the press… yep, there is a gorgeous notebook just waiting to have list of shopping, school supplies or to do lists scribbled into it!

In short, I loved the Mama Moments box! It spoke to me! It said, you’re busy, but this is for you!! Just for you, enjoy me!’


What our M Word Writers Had To Say –

Fionnaigh O’Connor

‘There is a tree in my garden where the postman leaves any packages or big letters when I am not at home.  It is a little safe alcove in the tree that is not obvious from the outside, but it is there. The Mama Moments box was left for me there, after a particularly difficult and busy day out with my family. So, as I turned out, it was exactly what I needed.

A beautifully presented box, revealing an array of surprises, covered in a blanket of turquoise paper. A joy to anticipate what it is inside!  I was expecting beauty products, maybe bath bombs, a moisturiser or something but I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of products and the cleverness of the scope contained within it.  It is more than just physical little joys but aimed to sooth the emotions too. Even the words ‘Time to Exhale’ made me stop and notice and do just that. Exhale. Stop for a moment. The dishes and laundry would have to wait.

Containing five separate products, each with their own charm. My favourite ones were the Holos Love your Skin body oil.

One of the most surprising little gifts in the box was the Gratitude Journal. I immediately thought – ‘oh lovely! A notebook!’ as I imagined all the lists I would use it for. I thought I could use it to write a shopping list, a list of the underwear and socks I needed for the kids, a list of afterschool activities and their costs. But when I opened the notebook properly it contained underneath it a little postcard guide that said ‘Gratitude Journal Prompts.’ I got to say that stopped me in my tracks! I love this. Practising gratitude is probably the most useful tool for emotional and mental health. It started me thinking of all the things I should be grateful for and I felt very lucky indeed. In my naivety, I was caught up in my list making self but making a gratitude list is probably one of the most important lists I could make.

I have to mention the Slabb – The Caramel one – it is absolutely delish!! I will be having erotic fantasies about this chocolate bar long after it is gone! Luckily, it is small enough to fit in your handbag and large enough to get at least six cups of tea sittings.

The box is aimed to help busy mums take time out and to prioritise self-care. It is a wonderful little box of treasures! I can think of a sister and two friends who I would immediately sign up to the subscription. I love that the products seem bespoke and made by smaller manufacturers too. It feels like care went in to assembling it especially for you.

A little like that alcove under the tree in my garden, it makes you go to a special place even for a few minutes each day to wind down and remember that you matter too and because of this, you will be better at minding others.’


Aideen Glynn

‘I had the privilege recently to receive the beautiful gift of a Mama Moments Box.  It arrived at my door so beautifully put together that I was instantly excited.  The innards were wrapped up and the scent within was divine, whispering promises of so much treasure within. I had to remind the curious teenagers of the name on the box – Mama Moments – as in, not for you, go away.  But still three pairs of identical blue eyes peered over my shoulder as I peeked in and carefully undid the wrapping.  The colour of the paper and presentation of the same is so gentle, so calming that I instantly felt relaxed and began to smile.

As I examined the contents I wasn’t sure what to expect.  What would I like in a gift box such as this?  Well lotions and potions are always welcome.  I am always on the lookout for a new treat to moisturise and hydrate my thirsty skin so I was delighted to try out the bottle of Holos Body Oil.

But there was more.  To help the relaxation creeping over me I opened up the cute little box of Solaris peppermint, cinnamon and fennel teabags and inhaled deeply. Now all I needed to make the spa experience complete was slices of cucumber over my eyes and a teenager to pop the silky little teabag into to a mug of hot water.  Ah well you can’t have everything.  But to compensate, there was the indulgent looking slab of Salted Caramel chocolate hiding away near the bottom of the box.   I knew it would go perfectly with the peppermint tea.  I have to confess to a level of disappointment when I discovered that the chocolate itself was from the UK.   We do have some gorgeous Irish chocolate suppliers and manufacturers here so I think for an Irish box, some Irish chocolate might be a little more appropriate.   Anyway, it still tasted delicious and expensive and certainly added to the feeling of luxury about the Mama moments box.

To help with my mellow moments I unearthed a little journal, beautifully put together and drawing me in.  The little card that accompanied it suggested ways to assemble a gratitude journal.  It’s all about mindfulness nowadays and these are the perfect things to encourage some of that.  A luxurious scented oil still lingering on my skin, a delicate chocolate flavour on my tongue and a steaming cup of peppermint tea to relax me.  Now all I need is a pen to record my mellow and mindful thoughts.  A pen.   A pen.  My kingdom for a pen.  There’s a thought.  Maybe the inclusion of a pen to enter words of wisdom into the mindfulness journal might be a plan.

Fighting Invisible battles.  That’s what the little pin states.  It’s true for sure.  It’s genuine and spot on.  But that’s the thing about Invisible battles.  They are just that.  Invisible.  And as such the Pin will remain the same.  Invisible.  But I am tempted to pin it to the inside of my lab coat or my office jacket just to remind myself of the strength I possess within, for when I need a gentle reminder.   If that was the aim of it well, that is certainly achieved.

My thoughts on the Mama Moments box?  Well, it certainly did exactly what it said on the tin.  It gave me some blessedly peaceful mama moments.  I have no idea of the cost of the box so I can’t really comment on it’s value for money but regardless, it did provide me with an oasis of calm in an otherwise typically hectic day.  As a new mother, this would be heaven to receive and as such I am inclined to think it would make a beautiful gift for a poor stressed out new mama.’


Mrs C

‘I will hold my hands up and say I am the worlds worst at making time for myself.  I’ll grab a cuppa and maybe have a quick flick through a magazine at nap time, but putting me at the top of the list, well that would be pushing it.  As I bet it is for lots of Mothers!  The Mama Moments Subscription Box is designed to make even those quiet few moments when the little people slumber more indulgent.  With each sip of the Peppermint Delight tea, or the secret mouthful of Slabb chocolate you are supporting another fellow Irish woman to grow their business alongside raising her kids.

The contents of the box made for a perfect evening in the bathroom.  A nice soak, a cuppa, a big ‘slabb’ of something yummy, followed by skin that smells good enough to eat!  A little time to turn off and think only about myself.  I felt rested and pampered.  I should do this more often!

I’ll get to the point of this review.  Would I subscribe?  Honestly… No.  I’m kicking myself writing that as I know I SHOULD be making more time for myself and should spend money looking after me and my wellbeing.  I’m just not sure if I had €39.95 to spend on me every other month that I wouldn’t want to spend it on a new top or my expensive moisturiser I can’t live without.

Here’s the thing.  Would I order this for a special friend.  As a new mum gift, a birthday present or even a ‘I think you need to make time for you’ gift?  WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT!  If one of my friends had this delivered to my door I’d be over the moon.  It’s such a thoughtful gift.  Sometimes we think we have it all together but it takes an outsider to say actually, ‘You need to slow down’ and what would be a more perfect way to say that than delivering a perfect box of Mama Moments to their door?’


Niamh O'Reilly
Niamh O'Reilly
A full time feature and copy writer, Niamh is a dog-mad, shoe-obsessed, movie-buff, with a curious penchant for politics. Up until her son arrived in December 2016, she’d never changed a nappy, made a bottle or even held a baby for more than 5 minutes without it unleashing what she refers to as ‘the death roar’. Completely unprepared for this momentous change in her life, she’s now trying to navigate the brand new world of motherhood with honesty, grace, love and humour. You can also catch her writing about her journey over at