Drinking Too Much Coffee Has Left My Skin Parched

Turns Out Drinking Too Much Coffee Has Left My Skin Parched

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I’m just back from Lloyds Pharmacy’s ‘Best Version of You’ event in the stunning Airfield Estate in Dundrum.

The wellness campaign is in a bid to educate customers on preparing for winter and staying healthy.

The event saw a host of trained pharmacists and health and well-being experts providing one-on-one health consultations to guests and highlighting the free services available for patients in LloydsPharmacy nationwide

Although it’s nearly the middle of October and prepping us for flu season seemed appropriate, outside it felt like a balmy August evening.

However, once inside I was feeling the cosy winter nights as the delightful candle displays gave an almost Christmassy feel. I’m considering knocking down a wall in my house to build this fire display, interior lust!

After getting some sound advice on looking after your mind and body during the winter months, it was time for my personalised skin consultation using the new LloydsPharmacy skin analyser machine, which is being rolled out in a number of stores as part of their free offerings to customers.

Emma Grimes and Deirdre Gilbourne


I had this vision of me putting my head in a huge noisy machine which rubbed the makeup off my face. Couldn’t have got it any more wrong.

The machine is a tiny hand held device, the same size as a phone. Taking your age into consideration, your skin is tested for the following: melanin, acne, wrinkles, pores and sensitivity.

My results shocked me. Not because they were bad. Just because I had no idea about what kind of skin I have.

When I was in my early twenties, I suffered with adult acne. My skin was oily so I always used an oil free moisturiser. Fast forward fifteen years and now at age 40, with three kids in tow, surprise, surprise, my skin has changed!

No oil or acne found, in fact my skin is parched! I was asked did I drink water and I indignantly replied that, yes, I drink at least one litre a day. Next question, do you drink coffee….ah, now I see!!

The coffee cancels out the water apparently. Lesson learned. So I was advised to use this Mineralising Thermal Water (which was conveniently included in the goody bag).

My wrinkles and pores aren’t as bad as I thought which is always nice to hear!

Next was sensitivity. Is your skin sensitive? No, not at all…..I was wrong again! My skin is very sensitive. All in all it was a big wake-up call and I’m delighted that I now know what type of products will suit my skin.

While still reeling from the news that my wrinkles weren’t all that bad, I sat down for my cardio age test. So my blood pressure is high and my cardio age is 49…..ahem, I’m just going to put that down to the shock of the wrinkles! I’ll get another test in a few weeks just to make sure I’m not on my way to a heart attack.

Feeling quite deflated after my cardio age (I just ran a half marathon for goodness sake!!), it was time for a nutrition and supplement chat with the lovely Elsa Jones and the Fabulous Pharmacist. Elsa made the most beautiful immune busting soup which I am definitely going to make. Had a bite to eat with these lovely ladies and off home I went with a nice heavy goody bag.

Lloyds new skin analyser machines are currently being piloted in five Dublin stores: Nutgrove Shopping Centre, Leopardstown, Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Blackrock Shopping Centre, and The Mill Shopping Centre.