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We Want YOU For Our Real Reviews

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August 2, 2018
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August 4, 2018

We’ve got some exciting news to share mamas… and we want YOU to be a part of it!

Say hello to our Real Reviews!

As you know, the beating heart of The M Word is that it’s honest, funny and real. It’s a place where real women share their real stories about motherhood, life, loves, hates and anything in between. We don’t pull any punches and we don’t shy away from sharing the realities of motherhood – the good days, the bad days, the downright hilarious days, the days when you want to trade in your mama badge and go on strike!

Our Real Reviews will be in that exact vein; we’re looking for honest and fair reviewers to give us their thoughts on all sorts of things – wellness, beauty, fashion, holistic, fitness, hotels, spas, gadgets, food and everything in between… I’m voting for a wine panel TBH!

To start with, we’re putting together a panel that will be made up of three of The M Word’s regular contributors and two of YOU, our amazing M Word readers!

For this inaugural panel, we’re embracing the mantra of self-care and asking our reviewers to put the brand new Mama Moments subscription box through its paces and tell us what you think.

Mama Moments is the brainchild of Irish mumpreneur Sarah Ryan. It’s a bi-monthly self-care subscription box, filled with a gorgeous selection of wellness and self-care goodies for stressed out mamas who could do with some TLC (so that’s all of us then!)

If you’d like to be in with a shot of being on the panel, then please head over to our Facebook Page to the pinned post and comment on it telling us why you want on the panel.



Niamh O'Reilly
Niamh O'Reilly
A full time feature and copy writer, Niamh is a dog-mad, shoe-obsessed, movie-buff, with a curious penchant for politics. Up until her son arrived in December 2016, she’d never changed a nappy, made a bottle or even held a baby for more than 5 minutes without it unleashing what she refers to as ‘the death roar’. Completely unprepared for this momentous change in her life, she’s now trying to navigate the brand new world of motherhood with honesty, grace, love and humour. You can also catch her writing about her journey over at www.themammyblog.ie