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When My Body FINALLY Figured Out How To Get Pregnant It Didn’t Stop! 

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We always knew we wanted more than one child. But after the two years it took to conceive our daughter we weren’t sure how long the process would take. We weren’t expecting it to be easy anyway. After having my first I was afraid to go back on the pill in case it would mess up my body and lead to another long trying to conceive (ttc) process.

We knew we wanted them close together if possible, maybe a couple of years apart. We had even made sure that our travel system converted to a double just in case. It’s still going strong five years later!

But saying that with a newborn getting pregnant again was the last thing on my mind.

My cycles seemed a bit messed up after having my baby. I guess the hormones have to settle down. One month I got a few days of spotting and then nothing. I had a pregnancy test left over from my stash the first time around and I’d thought I’d do a test just to rule it out.

I was sitting on the bathroom floor on Facebook to pass the required three minutes for the test to work. I looked up at the test and it read “Pregnant 3 +”. I think if I wasn’t already sitting on the floor I would have fallen onto the floor in shock!!

Imagine finding out that you’re going to have another baby when your first baby is only four and a half months old! Let me tell you it took a while to get used to the idea. And I don’t think either myself or my husband will ever forget that phone call I had to make to him! I just couldn’t wait to tell him in person.

But the shock wore off and got replaced with excitement. And we were glad that we didn’t have a long ttc process second time around. There’s only 13 months between them and now at four and five they’re best friends even though they have decided lately not to agree on anything just for the sake of it.

We were lucky again when we decided to try for our third. I came off the pill which I had to go on this time just in case. I got one proper cycle and then just like that we got pregnant. There’s two years between my second and third baby. Honestly can’t believe how lucky we are and am still so grateful that we didn’t have to go through a long process again.

It was like when my body FINALLY figured out how to get pregnant it didn’t stop!

I think our little angel was looking down on us too. On what would have been the due date we had our first early scan on our eldest. Then a year later we found out we were pregnant on our second. A year later a butterfly came into the house and didn’t leave for a few days. Another year later and we got pregnant on our third. I felt I’d get pregnant before it even happened.

There’s only just over three years between all three of my babies and although some times are hard I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.


Eimear Lawler
Eimear Lawler
I’m a mammy to three children aged five and under. Life’s a little crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I work part time as an accountant and I stay at home the rest of the time with my children. Getting back into my hobbies of reading and writing and loving it.