Now We Know If Wines Taste Better From A Screw Top Or Corked Bottle

Finally Scientists Discover If Wine Tastes Better From A Screw Or Corked Bottle

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It has been a debate wine lovers have argued over for years but now it seems we have an answer.

A new study has found that the sound of a cork popping makes us think our wine tastes better regardless of the price tag.

Researchers from Oxford University tested whether the sound and sight of a bottle of wine being opened would influence the perception of the wine inside the bottle.

In the study, 140 participants were asked to taste identical wines and rate them after having been played the sound of a cork popping, then again after having heard a screw cap being opened.

They were then asked to actually open both bottles and rate the wines again.

The results showed that participants rated the same wine as 15 per cent better quality when served under a cork than a screw cap.

The wine under a cork was also rated as 20 per cent better for a celebration, and 16 per cent more inciting of a celebratory mood.

Professor Charles Spence, lead author of the study, said: ‘Our senses are intrinsically linked – what we hear, see and feel has a huge effect on what we taste.

‘The sound and sight of a cork being popped sets our expectations before the wine has even touched our lips, and these expectations then anchor our subsequent tasting experience.

‘These results emphasise the importance of closures for wine, and the clear association between cork and quality in our subconscious.’